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Top Refrigeration Parts is a commercial-grade refrigeration supply specialist. We provide heater wire circuits, anti-sweat control and replacement parts, refrigeration electrical components, defrost timers, temperature control units, gaskets, door seals, hinges, latches and handles, fans, fan motors, ECM fans, and evaporator coils and anti-sweat controls. We also supply many other parts for commercial-grade refrigeration equipment, walk-ins, reach-ins, freezers, coolers, and display cases (including open case day covers and night covers). Get the commercial-grade parts that you need for repair, replacement, restoration or renovation of commercial refrigeration systems.

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The Right Parts for Commercial Refrigeration Products

Get the wiring, coils, heater wire circuits, anti-sweat controls, temperature controls, defrost timers and other electrical components that you need for efficient operation of your commercial-grade refrigeration units. Top Refrigeration Parts supplies OEM heater circuits, controllers, timers, fan motors and other electrical parts.

We can also custom fabricate some parts if OEM supplies are not available, or if the manufacturer is no longer in business. We will custom-fabricate according to the manufacturer’s specifications whenever possible. Many refrigeration units are old, and parts are not necessarily in production. Get the right part for your units, either OEM supply parts or custom parts. Get the part that works right and fits correctly the first time.

Top Refrigeration Parts Warranty Note: All photographs and illustrations are representations of the actual item. In some cases, there may be slight variations. When installed properly, each OEM replacement part should perform properly.

Please note that parts prices are subject to change without prior notice on this website.

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Heater Wire Circuit Variations

Commercial-grade refrigeration, heater wire circuits can vary in size and capacity depending on the type of unit. Generally, the control and apparatus exchange heat between the refrigeration circuit and a hot water system (internal to the unit or external, for example on large walk-in coolers/freezers). The refrigerant system works by exchanging heat through the circuit system. Contact Top Refrigeration Parts for the right wiring circuits, evaporator coils, anti-sweat controls, wiring, defrost timers, temperature control systems, and heat exchange equipment for your commercial freezers and refrigeration units.

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Quality Circuit Parts, Quick Service

We provide OEM parts, and where not possible, we manufacture parts to OEM specifications. Our custom parts “fit like OEM, but are 20% to 50% cheaper!” When you contact Top Refrigeration Parts for repair, installation services, or just replacement parts, you can expect a same working day response to your request. Whether we are shipping parts to customers nationally, or providing installation services, our technicians can perform a free inspection of your commercial refrigerator or freezer, or review your installation requirements. We will then give you an estimate for the repairs, installations, or renovations based on a flat rate plus parts installation. We do not add hourly charges like many other commercial repair services.

Residential customers are always welcome to inquire about parts for their refrigerators, freezers and coolers. We also sell gaskets, door seals, fans, motors and other parts direct to homeowners and apartment property managers for residential refrigeration equipment.

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